My Mission


The Language Service for intercultural exchange, founded on 14th February 2001 in Bogotá/Colombia, offers its service in the area of further education. Fostering access to other cultures, facilitating the understanding between cultures and working for sustainable tourism, I try hard to carry out my mission.    


Thus I am in contact with experienced educators who know the country and the culture of the target language because they teach the culture of their home country or the country of their choice.  


      Our ears are the bridge to the other culture. With their help we can open our heart to the other language, familiarize with its sound and get acquainted to it. People who travel to another country do not only meet another culture but also learn to estimate their own culture.


      Like many of my collegues I lived many years abroad. I was grateful for the helping hand, and now I want to help others come closer to my culture.


A tramp abroad


What Mark Twain observed during his trip through Germany, Switzerland and Italy, is still worth reading. His bluejay yarn is far from being out of place or outdated even today – it is apt to rise the curiosity for the truth behind the sagacious yarn – , nor is the critique he states on the song of German jays. Hovever, it is the sound of my mothertongue.


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